Better for kids means a brighter future for all.

A group of parents, aunts and uncles started TIM TAM TUMMY to give kids the best of nutrition, fizz, flavor & fun!

Our goal is to trailblaze better-for-kids beverage, and the world is taking notice.

Proudly female owned and led, we believe in equality and empowerment for all kinds of kids, families and humans.

The name TIM TAM TUMMY came from a tummy-rubbing rhyme in one mom's song to soothe a sad stomach. That same creativity and play is infused in each of our flavors, so we can spread TIM TAM TUMMY smiles with each Kid-Sized Can!

We’re consciously crafted in Middlebury, Vermont using regenerative agriculture, renewable waste practices, and byproduct upcycling. We are Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers.